Rich Halley

The new Rich Halley/Carson Halley CD “The Wild” is available on Pine Eagle Records. The album features ten spontaneous improvisations that cover a wide range of conceptual and emotional terrain. Rich and Carson Halley have been performing as a duo for nearly twenty years and have evolved their own unique musical approach.

The Wild is Rich Halley’s deepest exploration of the conceptual and sonic possibilities of the tenor saxophone to date, and Carson Halley demonstrates the compositional awareness, power and sensitivity he brings to the music as percussionist. The Wild combines exploration, roots and emotion in an engaging and powerful statement.

"A brilliant and mature work that demands and rewards close and careful listening."
-Hrayr Attarian, All About Jazz

"Rich has attained a pure improvisational level that only the most accomplished in the art ever get to...And that makes him one of the West Coast's greatest living jazzmen."
-Grego Applegate Edwards, Gapplegate Music Review

"The Wild is Halley and Son at their undiluted best—a tough, burly saxophonist with a spirited, potent drummer immersed in a set of powerful improvisations."
-Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

The 2017 Penofin Jazz Festival is on Saturday May 13 in Potter Valley, California. This is the 24th annual event.

Saturday, May 13

1:00 - Rent Romus' Lifes Blood Ensemble with Rent (alto sax), Joshua Marshall (tenor sax), Heiki Koskinen (e-trumpet), Mark Clifford (vibes), Max Judelson (bass), Safa Shokrai (bass) and Timothy Orr (drums)
2:15 - Rich Halley 4 with Rich (tenor sax), Michael Vlatkovich (trombone), Clyde Reed (bass) and Carson Halley (drums)
3:30 - Kirk Knuffke Trio with Kirk (trumpet, cornet), Stomu Takeishi (bass) and Bill Goodwin (drums)
4:45 - Nick Mazzarella's Meridian Trio with Nick (alto sax), Matt Ulery (bass) and Jeremy Cunningham (drums)

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